Customized Legal Pages For Websites


Get a chance to place not automatically generated legal pages on your website like everyone else - be unique and protected.

Why It's So Important To Have Legal Pages On Your Website?

  • to protect intellectual property rights;
  • to ensure you comply with all laws;
  • to convey legal information without harming your SEO;
  • to make your site look (and really be) professional;
  • to increase the value of your business;
  • to limit or exclude liability concerning the use of the website;
  • to make information disclosures required by law;
  • to increase the trust that your customers will have in you.

Consequences Of Legal Pages Absence On The Website

Without displaying your legal policy on your site, you are opening yourself up to a variety of potential issues, such as:

  • theft of your content;
  • accusations of stealing data;
  • assuming excess liability;
  • copyright fraud;
  • and more!

There are a ton of ways that users can sue you for monetary damages, even if you didn’t really do anything wrong. However, obtaining and displaying the proper website legal documents can protect you from petty lawsuits and keep you out of court.

Generally speaking, the consequences of a lack of something like a professional privacy policy will not result in criminal charges. This means that an enraged user could not press charges against you that would land you in jail. However, the consequences could include civil charges that might result in you being dealt a heft fine or an injunction. Injunctions are court-backed orders to stop what you are doing. In this case, that could mean shutting down your online store or blog.

Where To Get Customized Legal Pages For Websites?

Just about every functioning government has a legal system that enables for lawsuits to be filed by victims against those that have wronged them. Unfortunately, website owners can get tangled up in these lawsuits even if they never intended to do any harm. One way for website owners to avoid lawsuits and maintain their peace of mind is to have legal agreements drawn up to suit their individual needs.

These pages can be displayed digitally on a site so that site users can see them for themselves. Then, users will be able to make informed decisions about how they want to interact with your site, if at all. And, if they get upset with you, you’ll be protected from having to shovel out cash.

If you don’t have the expertise required to draft these documents yourself, fear not! There are websites like LEGALPAGES.PRO to help you out.

How Do You Create a Legal Expert Page?

Most people do not have the knowledge to create legal expert pages on their own. Fortunately, there are tons of people who become lawyers for you so that you do not have to; and, websites like LEGALPAGES.PRO, which has been protecting site owners since 2019, to give you access to custom documents to best protect you.

LEGALPAGES.PRO provides users with turn-key pages in roughly 5-7 days. The processes will be different based on which website legal documents they are creating: Terms & Conditions; a Privacy Policy that also includes a Cookie Policy. Real lawyers will analyze your company’s needs and, upon your request, provide you with watertight legal documents that will hold up in court if you end up having to go to court at all. Our lawyers are very familiar with E.U., U.S., Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, South African, and even Latin American laws, allowing us to serve a wide breadth of clients.


Terms & Conditions
600 USD*
Privacy Policy
350 USD*
Terms & Privacy Policy
750 USD*

Customized vs. Generated Pages

Customized Pages
  • Super affordable for individuals and small businesses.
  • Your unique legal pages for websites can be ready to go for you in as little as 5-7 days!
  • Has all the best professionals and information in one easy-to-access place.
  • Allow you to work with your lawyer to make sure that your pages are the right fit.
  • LEGALPAGES.PRO has been in this industry for over three years and knows everything there is to know.
  • Will prevent you from having to retain a lawyer to look over your pages.


Generated Pages
  • Template, non-unique pages available upon payment.
  • Overcharged for templates that you could get your hands on for free.
  • Sites may be run by individuals who obtain no legal qualifications.
  • Many of these websites pop up and are shut down within months due to poor quality.
  • These documents will have to be edited by a lawyer to make them fully protective.
  • You are stuck with whatever pages you end up paying for.

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Yes, Terms & Conditions are legally binding to users to agree to them and use your site.

Yes, without legal pages on your website, you are vulnerable to consequences such as your intellectual property being stolen, users holding you liable for actions they perceive as wrong, and your data processing being ruled illegal in court.

If you are just starting out a website, the first two legal documents you should first acquire are a Terms & Conditions page and a Privacy policy which should also include a Cookie policy.

Online stores require a specially close legal look. Lawyers will need to comb through the cookie mechanisms of the sites that track user shopping activity, add special privacy and protection clauses for payment processing, and inform customers of why they might see ads for the items they have been shopping for.